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Reliance MET Industrial Plots

Reliance MET Industrial Plots
  • Location : Gurgaon Jhajjar Road
  • Unit Type : Industrial
  • Plot Area : 1000 sqm
  • Transaction Type : Sale
  • Price : Price:- On Request

Property Description

Industrial plots at Reliance MET at Reliance MET is located  on the border of Gurgaon/ Delhi in Jhajjar area of Haryana. One of the most rated plot  industrial  plot in delhi is MET or model economic township project at Jhajjar district. Industrial plots at Reliance MET are still under development and a completely integrated facility with social and industrial infrastructure. Footwear park  is covered under 400 acres of land and clusters for the footwear industry.

Industrial plots at Reliance MET Size:

•           1000 square meter, 2000 square meter, 1 acre, 2.5 acre, 5 acre.

The industrial plots at Reliance MET are sold on a free hold basis. They are available with all infrastructure facilities. Plots will be available for sizes 1000 square meter, 1 acre, 2.5 acre and 5 acres.


Reliance MET is very well connected with KMP expressway, which is also known as the western peripheral expressway, passing through Delhi. This project is connected to all national highways- NH2, 8, 71, 10 in NCR –Delhi.

Moreover, the 2 km rail link from Farukhnagar railway station extension to a private freight terminal is also going to be built. The Garhi Harsaru station is also going to be upgraded for enabling cargo movement.

Northern road and Dwarka expressway will also be completed. This will boost transport to Reliance MET area.

The Reliance MET plots also have some residential properties. These residential plots are for those  workers and employees  who  work at Reliance MET .smart living  is accommodated for them at reasonable  rates.

Commercial plots of a variety of sizes are planned within the licensed area of MET. The plots meet government and state norms in terms of residential or industrial plots.


Reliance MET is a large industrial town and needs an access to a rail and transport network for movement of goods, both international and domestic. The Engineering Scale Plan has been cleared and a detailed project report is being prepared under Indian railways.

Below are the aspects of cluster development at Reliance MET:

•           General Engineering Park

•           Food Park

•           Footwear Park

•           Electronics Manufacturing Clusters

•           Textile and Apparel Park

Companies set up at Reliance MET

Below are some well known companies which have set base at Reliance MET and bought plots here for industrial development and growth:

•           Denso – Japan has industrial development of more than 18 acres and has started production at Reliance MET industrial area.

•           Panasonic – Japan has established a large Techno Park of approximately 74 acres and is increasing its operations here.

•           Reliance Industries will start a national distribution center for North India at Reliance MET.

•           Indo Space will start a warehouse with an industrial park, in an area of more than 110 acres.

These are some well known industries commencing their activities at Reliance MET.


Reliance MET power and electricity requirement will be fulfilled through the State distribution grid. Haryana will become a power sufficient state very soon. The new grid will establish 220 KV GIS substations and these will be connected to the national grid. This ensures adequate power supply in the area.

Infrastructure and Development at Reliance MET


Gas Authority of India (GAIL), is connected to Reliance MET and it takes care of all gas requirements in the area.


Water at Reliance MET will be available through a newly developed water pipeline. Currently, it is available through ground water digging. Hence, water will be available in abundance here.

These facilities make Reliance MET an attractive option for investors looking to purchase plots in Delhi and surrounding areas.

Why will investors invest in Reliance MET?

The Delhi government has enforced strict rules regarding industries in residential and other areas in and near proper Delhi. Therefore, many companies are forced to look for industrial plots outside Delhi. Reliance MET is a great option for them. Delhi ceiling of these factories will boost industrial development in industrial areas such as Reliance MET. Investors looking to purchase plots in Delhi will look for schemes such as Reliance MET.

The so called “Boycott China” effect because of Covid 19 will also influence industrial houses to invest in India. Delhi and its surrounding industrial areas will be a hot cake for such investors.

Below is the summary of key aspects of Reliance MET, Jhajjar:

•           Established by India’s largest and number one private sector company- Reliance Industries Limited

•           It has a free land area of 8250 acres.

•           Varieties of plots are available for those looking to invest in Delhi.

•           It is perfectly situated in the neighbourhood of Delhi.

•           Reliance MET has received environment clearance of 1860 acres.

•           Excellent rail linkage, strong connectivity, and multi transport network.

•           Government approved licensing.

•           365 acres industrial licence colony.

•           Supply for more than 100 MCD from newly created NCR channel.

Current Prices of Plots in Delhi:

Future Appreciation of these Plots

The growth rate of real estate or plots in Delhi/ Gurugram is yoy 130%. Thus, investment made today in real estate in Delhi will fetch a very high value in the future.

FIIs will consider this growth story while making their investment decision.

One of the best economic business townships in India, Reliance MET has a long way to go.

Location and Project Advantages

•        As everything cannot be seen all over the world, industries too are not seen everywhere. Industries have an affinity towards particular locations.

•        NCR is one of the fastest-growing areas of the country not only from the industrial perspective but also as a consumer base. The purchasing power of people and huge wholesale and retail markets makes NCR ideal location for industrial setup.

•        Growth in NCR is driven by the expansion of the services sector, banking and insurance, real estate, trade and communication efficacy in the state. The location advantage, policy incentives and infrastructure in the area support investments in industries of all scale and domains. The new Industrial Policy aims to provide a conducive environment to industries in India.

•        NCR in addition to location and convenience; has a large skill base. 30 percent of the workforce is qualified for occupations such as engineering, medicine, law, and consultancy. Among all the rest of the states, Delhi has the largest share of the skilled workforce, making it suitable for economic activities such as designing, R&D and financial services and production. The average Work Participation Rate (WPR) in the Model Economic The township project area, which is the percentage of total workers is 31% of which 82% are male and 18% female (2011 Census).

•        Residents around industrial land for sale in Delhi are seeking the training to improve their skills for new-age technologies. Many people have moved away from farming and acquired skills to seek better job opportunities in industries.

•        Areas around NCR have always been extremely popular among industrialists. The reason is connectivity with densely populated capital of Delhi which can attract more business and the best facilities of transportation available there.

•        Considering the same, Reliance has developed Reliance industrial plots with world-class infrastructure and transportation facilities. With some other industries already running, you will not be a newbie to the place and don’t have to face any teething problems. Infrastructure like wide roads, electricity, transformers, water etc. are available for the smooth operation of your business. Plots with good truck access and secure yard are adaptable to a broad range of industrial commercial users.

•        Reliance MET is a complete industrial the township which will not only have industry clusters and supporting areas of a logistics hub, rail and road connectivity but also essential social infrastructure including residential, commercial, recreational spots which offer unmatchable work-life balance and cost-effectiveness to all the activities within the township.

Name of the Colony

Reliance Model Economic Township - Reliance Industrial Plots in Gurgaon Sizes: 2000 Sqm, 1 Acre, 3 Acres & 5.5 Acre

S.No    Plots Size    Reliance MET Industrial Plots Price (INR / Sqm)   Total Price(INR)

 1.      2000 Sqm     9000/-                                                    RS.1.80 Crore

2.      1 Acre          8100/-                                                   RS.3.27 Crore

3.      3 Acre          7200/-                                                   RS.8.74 Crore

4.      5 Acre          7200/-                                                   RS.14.57 Crore


RERA No: HRERA - 457 of 2018


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Property location

Gurgaon Jhajjar Road, Gurgaon

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