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Industrial Plot For Sale In Yamuna Expressway

Industrial Plot For Sale In Yamuna Expressway
  • Location : Yeida
  • Unit Type : Industrial
  • Plot Area : 2000 Sqm
  • Transaction Type : Sale
  • Price : Price:- On Request

Property Description


YEIDA stands for Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority.

There are many industrials plots for sale in Yamuna expressway.

Payment Process in YEIDA

After payment of installation through the online portal YEIDA or through NEFT.


Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development has an excellent power supply for running the industries . It supplies power in the region Dadri Coal and Gas power plant, NTPC.

It supplies power in the region Dadri Coal and Gas power plant, NTPC. The government has created Yamuna Power Generation Company to tackle the power supply demand and issues in YEIDA region. Proposed 765 KVA Substation of 3000 MW capacity at Jahangirpur, YEIDA Region.


The present GAIL Gas pipeline network (Hazira- Bijaipur-Jagdishpur) covers Uttar Pradesh and passes through YEIDA region.

The augmentation source are Coal and Ignite -6100 MW (NTPC, ROSA P.C., UPRVUNL, IPP).

Proposed 765 KVA Substation of 3000 MW capacity at Jahangirpur, YEIDA Region


Water availability in Yamuna industrial area is well managed by YEIDA authority. Yamuna, Kali and Hindon rivers are the prime sources of water availability in YEIDA industrial area. Specifically, Hindon and Yamuna river gave reserves of unused water during flood. Authorities can store this excess water by storing it into reserves.

Many canals are passing through this area and has a potential for domestic and industrial purpose apart from irrigation.

The YEIDA industrial plots are very well approachable because of the below roads:

Ganga Expressway

Western DFC

Golden Quadrilateral

Eastern DFC

Dasna Meerut Expressway


North South Corridor

Kanpur Agra Expressway

Peripheral Ring Road

Upper Ganga Canal Expressway

Yamuna expressway is the most techno savvy highway in India. It has the intention to offer safety, security and convenience to travel between Agra and Greater Noida.

The Yamuna expressway has a state of art “Intelligent Transportation System” to fulfil all your objectives.

There are 2 types of Industrial Allotmentsof industrial plot in yamuna expressway authority

1.           Industrial Plots of the Size less than 2000 Sq Metres 

2.         Industrial Plots of the Size over 2100 Sq Metres

3. The following is the list of industry which may be permitted in industrial area developed by Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority or YEIDA

4. Air conditioner(s) & its parts are allowed in


a),  Agarbatti and Similar Products yeida industrial plots


 b). Agriculture appliances and implements are allowed to purchase industrial plots in YEIDA.

 Buttons clips & hooks , Agro and food processing industry, Cold storage & refrigeration, Bread & Bakeries are permitted by Yamuna Expressway authority

Terrazzo tiles, paving, jallies of Cement , Assembly of Centrifugal pumps & small turbines , Aluminium manufacturing are permitted by Yamuna Expressway authority.

doors/windows/fittings/furniture are allowed by Yamuna Expressway Industrial Plot Scheme

Aluminium-wares, moulds of cakes and pastry

Copper and brass Art wares 38, Conduit pipes , Candles , Calico and Textile products , Citrus fruit concentrate , Assembly and repair of cycles are allowed to purchase industrial plots in YEIDA.

Assembly and repairs of electrical gadgets/goods

Brushes & Brooms,  Assembly and repair of sewing machines are permitted by Yamuna Expressway authority

 Atta chakki and spices and dal grinding are permitted to own plots in Yamuna Expressway Authority.

 Block making and photo enlarging , Attache, Suitcases Brief cases & bags

Buckets, Builder hardware , Auto Parts (Plastic and Metals) are allowed to buy yamuna expressway industrial plots.

Copper Metal parts Carpentry, Clay modeling , Bulbs (battery), Auto Mobile service/repair Workshop only on plot area of 400 sq. mtr. & above are permitted by Yanuna Expressway Industrial Plot Scheme.

Confectionery candies and sweet, Candies, Sweets, Rasmalai etc., Brass fitting and Batik works are allowed in operate in industrial area in YEIDA.

Battery charging and Battery Manufacturing/Assembling

Belts and buckles, Biscuit, pappy, cakes, & cookies making

Button making, fixing of buttons & hooks

30. Cane and Bamboo products

31. Canvas Bags & Hold-all makings

32. Cardboard Boxes

 Collapsible gates railing & grill

44. Copper-ware and utensils

 45. Cordage, rope and twine making

46. Cotton and silkscreen printing

47. Cotton ginning 48. Cotton/silk Printing (By Hand)

49. Crayons 50. Cutlery

51. Cycle chain

52. Cycle locks

53. Dal milling

54. Data Processing Centers

55. Decorative goods

56. Dehydrated vegetables

57. Diamond cutting and polishing work

58. Dies for plastic moldings

59. Door shutters and windows

60. Pharma products (Permissible under Drugs and Cosmetics Act)

61. Dyeing, bleaching, finishing processing cloth (including mercerizing, calendaring, glazing etc. only in garments clusters)

62. Elastic products.

63. Electric fans

64. Electric fittings (switch, plug, pin etc.)

65. Electric lamp shades, fixtures

66. Electric Motor and parts

 67. Electric Press assembling

 68. Electric appliances (room heaters, lamps etc.) and other electrical goods

69. Electrical motors, transformers and generators

70. Electronic goods and ESDM 71. Embroidery

72. Enamel ware

 73. Engineering works

74. Expanded metals

75. Fabrication (like trusses and frames)

 76. Fire fighting equipments

 77. Flour mills

78. Fluorescent lights & fittings (including neon signs)

 79. Fountain pen, Ball pen and felt pens

80. Footwear

81. Framing of pictures and mirrors

 82. Fruit canning

 83. Glass work (assembly type)

84. Gold and Silver Thread Kalabattu

 85. Grading, waxing and polishing of fruits

86. Only Blending/Repacking of Grease & Oils

87. Healthcare equipments and products (Permissible under Drugs and Cosmetics Act)

88. Helmets

 89. Hats, caps turbans including embroideries

90. Hinges and Hardware

91. House hold/kitchen appliances


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Property location

Yamuna Expressway, U.P

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