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Reliance Industrial Plot Delhi NCR

Reliance Industrial Plot Delhi NCR


Reliance Industrial Plot Delhi NCR


Reliance Industrial Plots in city NCR is of 8250 acres (3340 hectares) of business land administrative division on DMIC (Delhi city Industrial Corridor) within the district of Jhajjar and Gurgaon Haryana. As a part of the primary part of development the Reliance Industrial Plots Jhajjar has obtained licenses.

The licenses are optained for the occasion of business Colony and bundle of land more than 365 sections of land in town Dadri. Assuming you're attempting to look for land or plots, these region unit the best Industrial Plots available at Reliance MET in Jhajjar, that offers a mix for produce, Business Park, business SCO plots, business property, Industrial domain and private plots unfurl across the world. you'll conjointly see GIDC plot subtleties, MIDC plot available, Tronica town Industrial space and Yamuna avenue Industrial Plots close. Anybody attempting to discover Industrial space in city NCR, could look through like Industrial space near Pine Tree State or endorsed modern space in old Delhi and that they can get the rundown of business space in Delhi NCR on this site.

Reliance MET is found at city NCR having vigorous property to Gurgaon, Delhi, Manesar and various urban communities inside the district and to any or all the National Highways. This exceptional monetary zone is basically to help small, medium and tremendous scope enterprises, regardless of whether it's a delivering plant, critical business, work escalated plant, outdoor supplies, organization, family apparatuses, manufactory, wholesalers, retailers, machine and devices, modern style, steel creating, elastic, cowhide, jute, vehicles and auto vehicle parts, protection delivering, FMCG, medical services , physician endorsed medications, fare or import business, every area partnerships should purchase properties and land with every single distinctive office.

Industrial Plots at Reliance MET is strategically settled on within the industrial zone and industrial hubs of the region. These Industrial spaces in city NCR have fast and simple access to the solon International (IGI) flying field, New Delhi. Industrial space in Gurgaon conjointly has Rail property to the Northern Railway line and coupled to the Dedicated Freight passageway (DFC) of city city Industrial passageway (DMIC).

Reliance Industrial Plots in city NCR is arranged accommodation of freehold land for guaranteed foundation advancement. CThe occasion of clinical test Industrial Colony on 365 sections of land is current. There region unit furthermore 1230 sections of land of land beneath award of permit. Greenfield Project – chance for work creation and for advancement of the condition of workmanship monetary territory. From creation product|of products} until end merchandise, it's every one of the offices for setting up your plant. DFC, DMIC and furthermore the KMP thoroughfare can improve center framework and make correlative financial exercises. These Reliance Industrial Plots worth region unit the most practical Industrial Land in city NCR.

Reliance MET Location and Property

Reliance Industrial Plot purchasable is extremely well connected with thruway, that is additionally called the western peripheral thruway, passing through city Gurgaon national road.

There is a pair of kg meter rail network from Farukhnagar railroad station extension to a personal freight terminal. The Garhi Harsaru station is additionally aiming to be upgraded for sanctionative lading movement.

Dwarka thruway and Northern road also will be completed. this may offer huge boost to provide chain, logistical and transport facility at Reliance MET.

The Reliance Industrial plots even have some residential properties. These residential properties area unit for those employees and staff WHO work on Reliance MET. cheap and good living is accommodated for them at affordable rates.

Commercial lands of sorts of sizes area unit planned at intervals the authorised space of Model Economic administrative division. These business plots have obtained government norms in terms of residential or industrial plots.


Reliance Model Economic administrative division Profile

In the most recent report Reliance Industrial plots have as of late cquired over hundred and seventy organizations across minuscule, medium, monstrous and fortune 500 world companies. Near in regards to four-hundredth of the world is involved by Overseas partnerships from Japan, France and Korea. The report conjointly says, a few of the organizations region unit movement to major OEMS like Panasonic, Maruti Suzuki, Honda Cars, Honda a couple of wheelers and so forth

Buyer durables, regular way of thinking, Semiconductor business, arrangement and give Chain region unit the greatest and second biggest areas in Reliance MET as far as space with 84 and 57 sections of land, severally followed by Footwear, Plastics and auto vehicle and car vehicle parts. Large companies at Reliance MET region unit Panasonic, Denso, FM arrangement, Amber Enterprises, FM arrangement, Reliance arrangement and so forth Footwear and Plastics areas have the most extreme no. of organizations with 36 and 31 enterprises, severally.

Reliance Industrial Plots at city NCR

Reliance MET is found on the border of city / Gurgaon in Jhajjar district of Haryana. This Industrial space is that the most rated Industrial Plot in city region. Reliance MET plots area unit still below development and provides fully integrated facility with social and Industrial Infrastructure. Plastic and Footwear park is roofed below four hundred acres of land and has clusters for the footwear business.

Industrial plots at Reliance MET Size consists of one thousand area unit, 2000 area unit, 1 acre, 2.5 acre, 5 acre.

The Reliance MET plots area unit sold-out on a free hold basis. Industrial plots area unit accessible with all infrastructure facilities. Plots space are going to be accessible for sizes one thousand area unit, 1 acre, 2.5 acre and five acres.

Supply Chain and provision at Reliance MET.

Reliance Model Economic administrative division could be a massive industrial administrative division and wishes associate degree access to a rail and road transport network for movement of products, each international and domestic. The provision chain and provision set up has been cleared and an in depth project report is being ready below Indian Railways.


  1. What is the area for Reliance MET?

Reliance Model Economic administrative division is unfold across over one thousand acres.

2. What is the possession time for Reliance MET?

Reliance MET is prepared for possession with all infrastructure in situ.

  1. What quite plots area unit accessible in Reliance MET?

Reliance MET has Industrial Plots/ SCO Plots/ Residential/ business Plots.

4. Is it a free hold or lease hold land?

Reliance Industrial Plots, SCO Plots area unit free hold property.

5. What is class of producing units allowed from atmosphere perspective?

The categogy permissible area unit White, inexperienced and Orange.

6. Have all licenses been obtained for Industrial Township?

Yes, all licenses are obtained for Industrial Plots/ administrative division.

7. What is the Payment Plan?

Reliance Industrial Plots have flexible eighteen months payment set up.

8. What is RERA variety for Reliance MET Industrial Plots?

The RERA variety of Reliance MET is HRERA- a hundred and ten & one hundred thirty-five of 2017