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Industrial Plots For Sale In Murthal

Industrial Plots For Sale In Murthal


Introduction and About

Various excellently build plots for sale are here in Murthal which is meant here by manufacturing and for other industrial development.

one of the most excellent and affordable industrial township in Sonipat, Haryana.

The annual turnover from these  Industrial  Real Estates is more than rs. 125 crore. Murthal industrial area was started by the Haryana State Industries and Infrastructure Development Corporation (HSIISC) to boost industrial development for SMEs (small and medium enterprises). These industries are home to about 80  Industrial sectors.

Every unit of the Murthal Industrial township /Estate offers employment to approximately 15 people directly and 7 people indirectly. Hence every year more and more regional peoples are getting involved in Township industries in Murthal.

A large number of industries here are of small scale  and they generate  a handsome amount  of 

Income i.e Rs. 1.5 to Rs. 2.

The competition among the industries is very tough to handle but one major problem is that the project generated among industrial township is not that high.

Murthal Industrial township or estate is the second oldest industrial estate developed by the HSIIDC. Most of the industries here are of micro industries, these industries generate from Rs. 1.5 up to Rs.

2 crore per year.

Howsoever profit margin of these industries is lower as its competition is much higher. This

makes operational units create new strategies for growth.

Industrial plots in Murthal are most demanded.

According to Harpreet Singh, the honorary secretary of the Murthal Industries

Association, Murthal Industrial township or estate is the second oldest industrial

estate developed by the HSIIDC. It ranks second after Yamunanagar, which became

operational 35 years ago. No infrastructure work has been implemented in these 35

years. The organization increased the road level by 1 to 2 feet, in case of water

clogging. Because of this, the road level has increased by 4 to 5 feet.

In Murthal Industrial township, if plots are not used, then they are either transferred

to another owner or taken back from owners if no one uses them. HSIDC earns

money, which is in turn used for infrastructure development of the region.

More Details and Location About  Murthal  Industrial  Township

 The Murthal Industrial township- HSIIDC covers an area of 25 acres. . It is located near the Murthal Chowk on GT road (NH1) and Murthal Sonepat road. Here were different types of plot sizes based on industrial activities. The sports complex has covered an area of 10 acres or around it. It is situated near the industrial estate for sports manufacturing goods.

HUDA has established an area of around 79.83 acres, where 7 plots were allocated for a variety of industrial activities like paper manufacturing, Haryana Breweries, boards manufacturing and electrical goods.

Once the HSIIDC and Murthal Industrial township were under controlled of HSIIDC and remaining areas were monitored by HUDA and another department dealing with sports goods and pieces of equipment.

The Haryana government has decided to merge all three different settings and assign the holistic responsibility to Haryana State Infrastructure and Industrial Development Corporation, Panchkula.

 HSIIDC Waste and sewage  management

HSIIDC plays a very important role in various types of activities and is also close to the National Capital. Presently, the sewage water disposal facility is not available. Due to this many industries are disposing the waste to an open area, which leads to extremely unhygienic conditions and spread of various diseases.  But now  HSIIDC had made several amendments for monitoring hygiene and miserable conditions of the area.

The waste material is coming up from HSIIDC, IE Murthal, Sports Good Manufacture area and HUDA.

The above details show that industrial land in Murthal is appropriately used for economic and all-around industrial development. Murthal industrial area is now very well developed to carry on its very delight future within its way to industrial development.

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