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Increasing Demand of Free Zone Industrial Plots In Haryana

Increasing Demand of Free Zone Industrial Plots In Haryana


For the development of free zones in Industrial areas, the chamber of Commerce and Industry  (HCCI) has demanded the free industrial zones in the state.

To induce the new policy for introduction of free industrial zones the Chief Minister  Manohar Lal Khattar is invited to give some suggestions on this.

HCCI demanded that the land should be purchased by the farmer to set up free industrial zones. Hereby the supply of electricity,  water and infrastructures like roads should be provided by the government of Haryana.

The electricity charges were so high as rs 9 to 11 per unit but this was pleased by the industrialists to reduce it as the cost of electricity is highest in the region.

Reduction  in taxes on par with Himanchal Pradesh and Uttarakhand so that states could compete with other rest industries. Moreover, it demanded the opening of more industrial training institutes and technical institutions near the industrial estates to meet the demand for skilled manpower.

Polluting industries are not required here the demand is for non-polluting industrial Real Estate. common effluent treatment plants should be created at designated industrial areas.

Hereby Panchkula Industrial Area is allowed to start or flourish service sector industries, air cargo spaces, warehousing facilities, health and related industries.

The Mobile Towers are allowed in all the zones except public utility. However, cellular Operators are advised to avoid the residential area. Every cellular Operator has to submit a structural stability certificate from a reputed institute, regarding steel structure and foundation. Maximum height of the tower from the ground level is not allowed above 60-metre and the applicant needs to submit clearance from Statutory Advisory Committee for Frequency Allocation (SACFA), Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Government of India. The companies need to submit indemnity bond indemnifying DTCP against any loss of life/property in the event of a mishap. The permission for setting up of communication tower is co-terminus with the period of the lease agreement.

The independent petrol-pumps along National Highway require minimum area 2500 sq. meters. and the maximum area should not be more than 3000 sq. meters. The petrol-pumps with facilities like repairs/service shop, ATM should be minimum area 1 acre and maximum area 1.5 acre. The minimum area required for petrol-pump along with scheduled roads and other roads is 1000 sq. meters. and the maximum area is 2500 sq. meters. For petrol-pumps on scheduled roads and other roads with facilities like repairs, ATM and small eating place, the minimum area is 3000 sq. meters. and the maximum area is 1 acre. For sitting parameters on National Highway, NHAI is enforcing agencies and access permission in this regard is taken from NHAI. For sitting the petrol-pump on all roads other than National Highway,