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Approach Towards Atmanirbhar Bharat

Approach Towards Atmanirbhar Bharat


Atmanirbhar policy launched by the health of the ministry which appeals an environment where our government and industrial affairs work as an individual. Atmanirbhar scheme increases the demand for Indian products rather than products from another country. This has increased the demand for manufactured product's. It has induced to the level where manufacturing should be increased in the Country as easy as anywhere else and manufacturing will be as much as competitive when the cost of its making is low and with of good quality.


•              For achieving an efficient powerful India needs to achieve global competitiveness and this could results only if the production costs lowers down and also effects the industrial base and category of efficient manufacturing countries.

•              For the development of the Indian sector, it is essential to boycott the foreign products as it will never be allowed to happen the growth of the global competitiveness if there will large import content in the manufactured product.

•              It required most of our technologies which are required for the localization rests with foreign manufactures and also India should provide better environment conditions as if it is provided to the countries like China, Vietnam to become an attractive avenue for the general investment by those manufactures.

•              Indian industrial area is also affected as it will also provide industrial land to those potential seekers who want to set up their industries for producing the good quality of products. Several industrial lands are available which is providing several advantages to them.


•              Previous policies which have been imposed was paid less attention to the making of the manufacturing sectors for the Indian welfare as cheaper and more competitive goods have never been earlier made through.

•              The two rare motive of the government is post-independence were industrializing  India and is building a socialist society. It will bring on socialism through strategies and policies for the industries proved to be wrong.


the novel Coronavirus and also the resultant imprisonment has crystal rectifier to associate economic delay, the type of that our generation has ne'er witnessed before. it's affected a cross-section of industries, geographies and livelihoods. each extension of the national and state imprisonment has crystal rectifier to increasing amounts of pain for organizations that area unit fighting for survival. very similar to others, the real property sector has additionally Janus-faced tremendous hurdles as construction comes to get delayed, new sales slip and expenses still rise.

In the ample of the pandemic, many ways the industrial sector has developed were for the productions of goods industries will set up for producing Made in India Products . over the course of this imprisonment, multiple relief measures are proclaimed.

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