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Agricultural Land For Sale In Gurgaon

Agricultural Land For Sale In Gurgaon


The business standards have been explored how agricultural land in Gurgoan which has been commercially tapped and exploited over many periods of time. Often with side by side help of the government and reflects its shareholders too. It begins with the Gurgaon-  Manesar region which is next to Delhi.

The glitzy malls, skyscraper corporate offices and plush residential complexes lining Gurgaon on the National Highway-8 stretch draw to a close, the road to Pataudi, a 30-km drive off the Sohna Road, offers glimpses of agriculture fields, interspersed with a school, a college, a couple of private offices, residences and a ‘palace’ known more for its Bollywood connect.

The master plan of Gurgaon-Manesar, revised thrice in the past five years, says, land dealers and brokers, doing brisk business in the region. The forever modifying plan, that has seen residential land use increase from 14,930 to 16,010 hectares (ha) and commercial use from 1,404 to 1,616 ha in five years, has much to do with how builders have been able to knock down many boundaries to spread their reach beyond the outskirts of Gurgaon.

Growth and increasing demand in the Gurgaon region prompted such quick revisions in the master plan, unusual in any other region. “In the last six years, residential units in Gurgaon have grown 400 per cent,” said Samarjit Singh, managing director (MD), IndiaHomes, a brokerage company. But land dealers, on condition of anonymity, talk discreetly about how the master plan acts as a gold mine for the officials drafting it, the subject of strong lobbying by developers. Typically, developers want their land in the area, acquired cheaply over the years, to be notified in the plan, so that they can make a killing at the time of selling apartments.

The licence and conversion fees, there’s often an ‘informal payment’, on which nobody is ready to give any evidence or on-record comment, to get the land use changed. These informal rates vary from Rs 25 lakh to Rs 30 lakh an acre for residential group housing projects to Rs 50 lakh an acre for commercial ones.

The most notable location advantage of industrial land in and near Gurgaon is it is abundant and low-wage labour. Industries here benefit from sufficient electricity, reasonable and easily available transport facilities, good telephonic, fax, and internet access communication facilities.

Verghese said authorities were charging stamp duties for agriculture land. "It's enough to show that farmhouses exist on agricultural lands. Why are they serving notices."

The farmhouses were developed and sold by Ansal Properties before 1990 under the Raishina zone of the Aravalli hills. Some registries belonged to pre-1992. Some of the farmhouses have been sold multiple times to different people.

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